About Us


Basmas was incorporated in 17th February 1990. Since that very moment Basmas has grown tremendously. Started of as Basmas Enterprise, grown into Basmas Sdn. Bhd. in 5th January 1999. And now, Basmas has established into BASMAS GLOBAL TOURS SDN. BHD.

Since the day of incorporation BASMAS has been engaged in transportation as the major business and now entering a new era into tourism. Basmas Global Tours Sdn. Bhd. is the most recent venture of BASMAS.

BASMAS has its own philosophy. We are keen in providing innovated and creative service to maintain our valued customers. This business philosophy has assured our customers to trust us and our service in satisfying their needs and wants.


BASMAS is a locally incorporated company, formed with the ultimate aim to provide efficient, effective and quality bus transportation service to ferry factory workers as well as workers from other industries/sectors.

BASMAS SDN. BHD. was incorporated on the 5th January 1999. This company is a continuation of BASMAS ENTERPRISE, a sole proprietor that has been in the industry for the past twenty five (25) years. Since Incorporated on the 17th February 1990, BASMAS ENTERPRISE have expended remarkably. On the 5th January 1999, BASMAS SDN. BHD. was incorporated as a continuation of BASMAS ENTERPRISE.

The company was initially involved with bus transport services rendered for few companies. However, the company has secured permanent contracts to ferry factory premises and return.

In our effort to provide efficient, effective and quality service to our valued customers, the company has increased our fleet of buses from six (6) to twenty (20) comfortable buses. In addition the company has employed dedicated, responsible and reliable drivers as well as mechanics on full time basis to ensure smooth operation.